Pardus: X-COM Imperial Alliance

X-COM Alliance is dedicated to the advancement of it’s pilots and their buildings. We actively encourage our members to follow their own goals (be it trader, fighter or hacker) and support them with advice as well as veteran experience and genuine encouragement.

X-COM’s prime directives are:
  1. Advancement of our pilots, skills, rank & wealth
  2. Growth of our pilots’ buildings and our claimed sectors economies
  3. Protection of our pilots and our claimed sectors

The X-COM Alliance currently claims the following sectors:

Membership of the X-COM Alliance is offered only on a limited basis. If you believe you have the qualifications to join us, please contact our applications manager Alien Ale in-game.

The senior members of X-COM are:

  • Round – Alliance Leader
  • Stick – Minister of Military Affairs
  • Round – Minister of Intelligence
  • Maxwell – Minister of Diplomacy
  • Cartman – Minister of Trade and Economic Affairs
  • Beavis – Ackarack Sector Manager
  • Alien Ale – Anayed Sector Manager
  • Tanaros – Anayed Sector Assistant
  • Miche – Ayinti Sector Manager
  • Rolo – YS3-386 Sector Manager
  • Rockpaperscissors – Zearla Sector Manager
Last updated: May 14, 2011